Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Return of Pulp Sport

Pulp Sport is back... well almost. On Friday the 17th of October the show loved by tens of people around the country makes its triumphant return to New Zealand TV screens. And if you happen to be one of the 37 people who love Pulp Sport (yes we have actual figures) then have we got a deal for you?! - And by deal we mean sticker. The "I LOVE COCK... and Pulp Sport 9:30 Fridays on TV3" sticker is a classic. It not only features in the first episode of the new series but is also perfect for sticking to the back of an unwitting friend's car or avoiding an awkward conversation with your dad! And now you too can have your very own "I LOVE COCK... and Pulp Sport 9:30 Fridays on TV3" sticker. Simply send a stamped, self addressed envelope to...

I Love Cock
C/- Pulp Sport
3 Flower Street
Eden Terrace

Go on get your sticker and then you too will be able to show your support for Pulp Sport, just like Mark here, the co-programmer of TV3.
PLUS, upload photos of your best 'I LOVE COCK' sticker placement to the Pulp Sport facebook page and you could win Pulp Sport Volume 2 and (if released) Pulp Sport Volume 3 on DVD.

1 comment:

ballbags said...

I bought the volume 2 DVD and it is brilliant- greatest $20 i've ever spent. Please let us know if we are ever going to see the first 4 seasons on DVD. Oh and where is the 'Chris Martin-learn to bat' video on youtube?